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Ladyswell National School, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15

Green Schools

In Ladyswell N.S. we are proud of the Green flags we have achieved so far.

In recent times we have not been able to meet as a Green Schools Committee  however we have always continued to be aware of and practice the principles of being a Green School.

We take pride in our schools’ environment and actively encourage our pupils to keep it litter free . There are bins placed around the school to help with this.

All classrooms have a paper recycling bin and we remind all, to use these correctly and to reuse paper where possible.

The re-use of cardboard, packaging, food cartons etc. and a selection of other re-usable items is a regular feature of our schools art lessons and other projects.

We remind our pupils to save energy by turning off lights when not needed and turn -off computers and other devices when finished using them.

We ask our pupils to turn off the taps fully, after hand washing to avoid waste of water.

We encourage our pupils to be active and to walk, cycle or scoot to school where possible.

Planting bulbs and seeds is a regular activity throughout the school year. Our school grounds have lots of native trees, shrubs and flowers, we encourage our pupils to appreciate these natural features and to observe the seasonal changes.

Care of the environment, awareness of the damage being done to our planet and the effects of climate change globally, are all themes that the Green Schools committee will continue to raise awareness of, throughout the school.

We will be forming a new Green Schools committee shortly.

Check out the following resources to help you observe nature and find out more about many of the Green School themes.

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