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Yellow Flag Latest News: The school has been award the yellow flag for promoting interculturalism in the school. Well done to everyone. We will continue to run the school's Yellow Flag Committees in 2012 and 2013.

Thank you to all students, parents and teachers for filling in the Yellow Flag Questionnaires. If you have any more good ideas please put them in the Yellow Flag Suggestion Box or tell any member of the Yellow Flag Committees. Click here to see the countries represented in our school. Visit to find out more.

Children's Yellow Flag Questionnaire

The Diversity Committee includes 5 children, 3 parents, 4 teachers and 3 people from local community groups. Our job is to make sure that the school completes all the Steps of the Yellow Flag Programme. We meet in the Computer Room on the second Thursday of every month. Click here to view the school calendar for list of all committee meetings.

Yellow Flag Student Council includes at least one student from every class from 3rd to 6th class. Our job is help to organise all the intercultural events in the school during the year. This month we helped with the questionnaires and created the Yellow Flag Suggestions' Box. We are also responsible for updating the Yellow Flag and Intercultural pages on the school's website as well as updating the Yellow Flag Blog. We meet once a month at lunch time on the third Thursday of every month. Click here to view the school calendar.


Yellow Flag Programme

Scoil An Cheathrair Álainn is one of four schools who took part in the Yellow Flag Programme, in 2011 & 2012.

The Yellow Flag Programme is a year long programme which involves a series of
8 Steps to bring issues of interculturalism, equality and diversity into the whole school programme and apply them to the day-to-day running of our school.

On completion of these 8 steps the school will be awarded with the Yellow Flag for the promotion of interculturalism, diveristy and inclusion for all members of the school community.

To find out more information - please
click here
or call into the school and look at the yellow flag notice board, in the main reception area.

Who is involved?
Students, staff, parents, management and the wider community.

Yellow Flag Partners
Irish Traveller Movement (ITM)
Blanchardstown Area Partnership (BAP)
Fingal County Coucil
Mulhuddart Community Development Project (CDP)
Mulhuddart Outreach Office (BAP)
Traveller Inter Agency Group (BAP)
Football Association of Ireland (FAI)
Mulhuddart Community Centre

8 Steps
1. Intercultural training for school staff and management.
2. Forging Links between the school and local community groups.
3. Forming a 'Diversity Committee' - to ensure that everyone is included in the project.
4. Staff, students and parents look at diversity issues in the school.
5. Action Plan - to improve the school environment for everyone.
6. Evaluation of progress.
7. Classroom work on interculturalism and diversity.
8. Create a diversity code and anti-racism policy for the school.

2011/2012 Events
- Intercultural Week (May 2012)

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