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Welcome back to school! Check out our opening times below!

Monday August 31st
Senior Infants:
8:50 - 12:00
1st - 6th Class:
8:50 - 12:15

Tuesday Sept. 1st
Junior Infants:
9:00 - 11:00
Senior Infants:
8:50 - 1:30
1st - 6th Class:
8:50 - 2:30

Wednesday Sept. 2nd
Early start returns!

Office open on Friday, August 28th, for new enrolment applications or email


Check out the Fairy Scene created by some busy mums in the
Parents Room!

If you look really closely ...and you are very quiet... you might even see the fairies move around!



On June 12th, we won our FOURTH Green Flag!

We are delighted and so proud of all our students who worked together to achieve it!

A special thank you to Mrs. McDonald!


On Friday, June 5th, The Garda Band visited our school! We loved learning about all the instruments and had a fantastic sing song!


Congratulations to Dorjana and Veronica for winning 3rd and 2nd prize in their Art Competition! Well done girls!


This week is
Active Week!

We went kick boxing, played ultimate frizbee, dropped everything and danced and many, many more activities!!

Have a look in our
Blog Zone for more pictures!


Wooly Wards Farm came to visit our school! We learned lots of new facts about the animals! Check out our Blog section for more pics!

We celebrated our grandparents on Grandparents Day! We loved having you in our classroom! You are special to us! More Pictures in our Blogs!

Check out more pictures from Grandparents Day in the slideshow below!


Christmas Slideshow

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